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Glossary of Cardboard Box Industry words
Wrapper The paper that wraps the outer layer of the box.
Liner A paper that is wrapped on the inner layer of the box.
Tray The lower or receptacle portion of a paper box.
Box A complete paper box, including base and lid.
Boxboard (chipboard) The basic recycled material used for the super structure of rigid boxes.
Closing Placing lids on bases.
Flap Lid Lid having no sides or ends and hinged to base.
Hinge A method of attaching a lid to a base.
Insert (platform) Any construction of boxboard or other material placed or sometimes glued in a box to locate and secure product.
Label A plain or printed piece of paper attached to a box, distinct from top or bottom wrap.
Lid (cover) The upper or covering portion of a paper box.
Lid Support (ribbon stop) Tape or ribbon to hold hinge lid in position when box is open.
Loose Wrapping Process of covering a lid with paper on a wrapping machine or by hand, with the adhesive applied so as to adhere the edges only.
Rim (Neck) A tray inserted in a base to form a shoulder box, attached by adhesive, and extending above the base into the lid when box is closed.
Nesting Placing trays or covers of the same size or boxes of varying sizes, one within another.
Padded Top Tops covered with paper or cloth with one or more layers of wadding or other padding material underneath.
Partitions (Dividers) Slotted pieces of boxboard fitted together to form a series of compartments, and placed in a base without being attached thereto.
Pulls Metal handles or pieces of tape or ribbon attached to a tray that is to function as a drawer.
Rigid Paper Box A paper box of rigid construction formed or “set-up” ready for use, as distinguished from a folding carton or a corrugated shipping container.
Shoulder Box Box having glued neck so inserted that ends and sides of base form shoulder upon which lid rests.
Sleeve A tube with one or more ends open and made of SBS, recycled paperboard, or vinyl material which can be wrapped.
Sleeve & Tray Box (Slide Box) Box in which a tray is inserted into a sleeve.
Stay Material used for reinforcing corners of base, lid, or tray. Material may be paper or milar or a combination of each.
Thumbhole A semi-circular or triangular cut made in sides or ends to facilitate removal of lid from base or contents from base.
Tight Wrapping Process of covering base, lid or tray with paper on wrapping machine, or by hand, wraps being in one piece and with the entire surface covered with adhesive.
Tray A receptacle for which no lid is made.
Vacuum Forming Forming a plastic part through the use of heat and vacuum.