Prototyping and Sampling

We will provide hand crafted prototypes of your projects as soon as possible. We do this to ensure that the final product respects your specifications and desired look and feel. 

Packaging Design

If you have a design in mind our team is able to show you what your finished product will look like with the help of OpenSCAD, the leading Open-Source 3D CAD software.

Graphic Design

Should you need a touch up on your artwork or a brand new design from the ground up, we are fully equipped with the ability to edit and create complex bitmap and vectorial images for your packaging needs.

Our Promises

  • Fast Physical Samples
  • Fast 3D CAD Rendering
  • In-House Graphic Design
  • Packaging Logistics
  • Cost-Effectiveness Analysis
  • Fast Estimates
Analytical 1
Design 2
Production 3
Shipping 4

Our experienced team will first take a look at your packaging to assess costs, determine timeline from start to finish and required materials.

We will provide you with a sample (Virtual or Physical) of your product.

After your approval we will begin production of your product. Depending on the costs and timelines we will fulfil your request in either our Montreal, Canada or China location.

After your product is finished we will either fulfil directly to you or we will store your product in our warehouse for batch shipments or we will ship to your clients.

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